Before you walk into a store to purchase an air conditioner for your home or office, you need to understand the different types that you are likely to work efficiently. Besides planning and preparing the installation and other crucial factors that would boost the functionality of your cooling system, you need to understand the preferable cooling system with the ability to offer the required working and living atmosphere. Have in mind that the air conditioners are categorized into different groups to fit the suitability of different users and special environments such as residential, commercial, domestic or industrials. The categories of the air conditioners also indicate the robustness, its capability and unit size rather than how it functions. Here are the different types of air conditioners.


Wall Air Conditioners

This is a popular type of air conditioner all over the world. The wall air conditioner is usually preferable for small rooms such as living rooms and bedroom. Many brands of wall air conditioners are popular among people because of its associated benefits and uses. The wall air conditioners require less effort to install. This type is a modern air conditioner that has no noise or a very low noise that varies in patterns. However, it is not suitable for a long day because of its small coils.


airconCeiling Cassette Air Conditioner

The ceiling cassette air conditioner is common in offices and other larger rooms such as schools and restaurants. They are installed in suspended ceilings tile spaces. The architecture of the cassette air conditioner is excellent as the bulk of the unit is unseen, you will only view the decorated part that supplies cool air into the room. This type of air conditioner is popular among people because it is aesthetic. When the unit is mounted in a central place, it can deliver an excellent cooling or heating capacity around the entire room. Similarly, the cassette air conditioner is powerful and can deliver as much job as three or four walls mounted air conditioners.


Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

The floor-mounted air conditioners are categorized into column air conditioners and smaller cabinet style air conditioners. The column air conditioner has a huge size and high capacity units that can be used to heat or cool a large room. The column air conditioner is usually used in the waiting rooms, lobbies or receptionist where there may be a large number of people. This air conditioner produces a strong flow of air. This means that the occupants are not allowed to be near the column air conditioner. The smaller cabinet style air conditioners are used to provide highly efficient climate control to the conservatory and extensions.


Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners or window rattlers are standard for houses, offices, and cabins. They are categorized to basic ones that can only chill the air and the more expensive ones that work with remote control and a heat pump mode. The unit consists of a compressor, evaporator, cooling coil and an expansion valve. They are ideal for single rooms with small dimensions.